Sunday 29 July 2012

Fed by Tang Cantonese Supperclub

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There has been a supperclub revolution in London recently which so many new ones popping up all over! Being a supperclub virgin, I just had to get on the bandwagon as soon as possible because from the look of things, I seem to be missing out big time! Hence, living out of London, a weekend lunch would be much more convenient without the need to rush for the train should I attend a dinner supperclub. So I kept a lookout and when Cherry of Feed the Tang posted up news of her 2nd Cantonese supperclub and a lunch one at that! I immediately went on the Edible Experiences website to buy tickets for the event. I've been following Cherry on twitter and have been kept updated with pics of her home cooked meals so yes, this would definitely be a good 1st supperclub to attend. 

It may seem odd to turn up at a stranger's house and expect to be fed but I've had the pleasure of meeting Cherry briefly on 2 occasions and we've communicated over twitter so it was more like turning up at a friend's house.

Fast forward to 22nd Jul, we arrived at Cherry's inviting home and were met by Chef Cherry as well as the charming front of house, Phoebe and led into the living room. We were served a very refreshing watermelon and sparrow gin cocktail. Introductions were made with the other diners and we all started to chat. Truth be told, it was a bit quiet initially but Phoebe did a very good job of breaking the ice, made us feel comfortable, relaxed and the chatter began.

Once all the guests arrived we went into dining room that sits 8 and the first dish was served.  A light but very flavourful papaya and pork broth, that's also good for the skin, got our tastebuds going.
Next up were some light bits. Neatly stuffed glazed chicken wings which in my opinion would be very tedious to make as the chicken wings had to be deboned and filled with carrots and wood ear mushrooms. Tender seasoned chicken alongside the crunch of the woodear mushrooms made for a very interesting and taste texture sensation.
Eggs soft-boiled in a bonito stock and topped with salmon roe was a triumph! I've always have a soft spot for a perfect soft boil egg with gooey yolk and this was just that and much more! Cherry managed to infused so much flavour into a simple egg and that, I find pretty amazing.
The eggs were served along side some pork pastries.. roast pork wrapped with puff pastry that were just as yummy!
Succulent and juicy chilli soy sauce cooked to perfection prawns came next for this, we had to get our hands dirty, the best way to enjoy prawns! Finger bowls, anti bacterial gel and wet wipes were provided so yes, they do pay attention to the little details that makes for an even more enjoyable meal.
It was now time for the main dishes. Bowls of rice arrived together with the dish I was so looking forward to, the very nicely presently Mui Choi(Preserved Vegetables) Triple cooked(poached, fried and steamed) Pork belly!!!! Cherry's version was drier than the other versions I've tried but it was just as delicious with it's sweet, salty combination.
The beautiful taste explosion, szechuan influenced, not over spicy Saliva or Mouth watering chicken was delicious and a delight to eat. Not to worry, it's not made with saliva and it's so good that it makes your mouth water, hence the name.
A complete chinese meal would never be complete without green vegetables and my absolute fave simple yet vibrant stir fried kailan made me a happy bunny! 
The last main dish was the pan fried bite sized sea bass with chinese chives was satisfying.
At this point, i was already stuffed and we haven't even got to dessert yet! Plates were cleared and on came the desserts. Red bean with homemade coconut nut ice cream was a decadent way to end an outstanding meal! I got to admit that sadly, I couldn't handle the very pretty, light and fluffy raspberry swissroll as I was so full so i just had a small taste of my hubby's portion.

The meal ended with chrysanthemum tea that definitely helped with the digestion. I really needed that as I was so full, I even had to skip dinner!
I thoroughly enjoyed my first supperclub experience, the food and of course the company. Sitting around a table of 8, we chatted constantly across the table and made some foodie friends along the way. I will be attending more supperclub events should the opportunity arise and in fact I've booked myself on another one already!

If you are looking for a supperclub to try, I would highly recommend Fed by Tang as Cherry's cooking is indeed impressive!! Am sure tickets will be highly sort after once the word gets out! 
4 thumbs up from us!!!! :)

Please visit Edible Experiences for more information on Cherry's next supperclub.

Read more about Lunch at Tang's on Edible Experiences


  1. Looks like a delightful feast S! :) Thanks for sharing.

  2. It sounds really fun to go to random person's house for dinner (even though it's set up as an event). Not only experiencing the dinner menus but also the atmosphere of the person's house and all that counts. It's fun!! I'd love to take this kind of opportunity once I find similar event. I'm drawn to those desserts... What a fun experience!

    1. Am sure there'll be supperclubs over there too! It was really enjoyable!

  3. Super club sounds like the event to attend judging by the good food served! How lovely! I think I have read about this before but seeing that it's not happening here or maybe I have not got to know about any here yet? SOunds like lots of fun!

    1. Keep a lookout! there will be some around!

  4. What an experience and what a feast! I love the whole idea of going into one's home and be graced with such wonderful food and hospitality! Definitely a night to remember in so many ways! Thanks for sharing it with us!

    1. I'm going for another one soon and have heard good things about it too! Am so looking forward to it!

  5. What a feast! I would love to taste all the dishes you have photographed and as you say for me the most impressive are the chicken wings. It must have been really difficult to achieve. Great review!

  6. I am reading this just now as I found it on Edible Experiences, great review- your pics are nice! the food looks so yummy I'd like to eat it...again. Was a pleasure to meet you guys, hope to bump into you again soon.
    I just managed to review Cherry's lunch..terribly late but pass by if you want


    1. Thanks Serena! Yes, it was great to meet you and am sure we'll meet up again soon! :)


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