Monday, 25 July 2011

Coffee Culture - Foxcroft and Ginger

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Recently, the Husband and I decided that we wanted to go in search of good coffee in London, one that can be found in an independent cafe instead of a chain store. Of course I'm not implying that chain stores serves bad coffee but since there were so many variety and kinds of coffee around, we should just widen our horizons so onwards with the search!!

First up, it was a toss between Flat White or Foxcroft and Ginger, both located on Berwick St, Soho. We decided on F&G as Flat White was packed! Perhaps, the coffee's very good? We'll find out in the near future but in the meantime, F&G it is and we weren't disappointed. Loved the cosiness of the cafe, with it's tiled walls, concrete counter, brick walls and wooden floorboards. How I wish we had something like this where we live, just across the road or something, somewhere we could go on a sat morning, order a cuppa and a sandwich, and just while the morning away, reading the papers and watching the crowd go by.

The coffee from Climpson's and sons had a well rounded flavour to it so thumbs up for the coffee. The sausage sandwich we had was alright, nothing to shout about but I'll probably choose from the wide array of pastries and cakes they also had available. I must add that everything is made/baked on the premises so that's a huge brownie point!
Another thing I really liked about F&G was the dainty, pretty cups the coffee were served in. Don't you agree??
Flat White


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