Friday 16 November 2012

Plusixfive Rendezvous with Lady Luck-Sa Supperclub

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I'm off to Singapore in a couple of hours(woohooo!) so I thought I'll leave you with some photos of yummy Singaporean food. So where you might ask did I have this scrumptious feast in London? Well, it was at the only place where serves authentic Singaporean food in London, the PLUSIXFIVE Supperclub, one of the pioneers of the supperclub movement over here.
I've been wanting to try their food for the longest of times and when I finally made my way there, I wasn't at all disappointed! Though it was one of their smaller menus(they were even worried that there weren't enough items on the menu!), I still left very well fed and astounded at how well the young team can cook!
This particular supperclub was hosted by Jason of Feast to the World and Shuhan of Mummy I can cook. Goz, the founder, wasn't around that day as he had just flown in from Hong Kong where he's currently based and was stuck at work. Last I heard, Plusixfive is planning to conquer the world and is going to do a pop up in Hong Kong too!
Shuhan and Jason
Now, let's get onto the food so be prepared to drool!

Flaky, crumbly, warming and oh so good spiral curry puffs.I certainly hope that they will take orders for these babies soon.

Rojak, a fruit and vegetable salad in an appetising, piquant sauce.

Tender, succulent and very flavourful 24 hour marinated pork belly satay.

The star of the show, rich, spicy, moreish Laksa that was jam packed full of well balanced spices and made with love.

Tasty Otak Otak, a bbqed spicy fish paste

Apam Balik, moist and light coconut pancakes with a smashing banana caramel sauce, a match made in dessert heaven.

Chewy, sticky, soft Kueh Bingka(Cassava Cake)

Last but not least Shuhan kindly made me some of her famous amazing sambal when I requested for it before the supperclub. 

I certainly look forward to one of their full blown supperclub feast as I know I'll leave wanting more!!!
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