Thursday, 28 July 2011

London Street Art - Alternative London Tour

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Oscar the Grouch by BLAM

We don't venture to London's East End too often so we took the opportunity to do so when we found out about the Alternative London Tour. So one fine and sunny Sat afternoon, we made our way to London, had lunch at Wagamama and waited for Gary the tour guide near Spitalfields Market. And in came this cool looking guy and off we went in search of some street art around the Brick lane(famous for the loads of Indian Eateries), Shoreditch, Old street areas. 
By Roa

Gary was very knowledgeable about the many art pieces we saw as well as the happenings around the area. New pieces pop up every so often so he keeps himself up to date with them and change the tour route often to allow the enjoyment of the best of the lot!
Artist paints the wall white, waits for it to dry before staring to chisel it

This is definitely a tour to check out when in London, in fact it's a tour to go for every 6 months or so since the art is every changing. We highly recommend it!! :)

Here's a few more pieces for a feel of what you'll get to see. Enjoy!!

Invader - We've seen more of these around London

Cityzenkane Czk
James Cochran a.k.a. Jimmy C

Pablo Delgado - Teeny people that's about 10cm tall

More info on the tour can be found at the following


  1. Cool street art. Definitely change the landscape of the area. :)

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. This has linked me to check your blog out! :)

    I have never really ventured a lot to East London, thanks for sharing this!

  3. It's an interesting area to visit and since I went on the tour, i've become more observant and been looking out for street art in London and have actually chanced upon some in Central London! Let me know if you enjoyed the tour!!


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