Thursday, 1 September 2011

Thai inspired Baked Seabass

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Firstly, I would like to apologise for the terrible photo as it really did no justice to this beautiful piece of  fresh seabass.

Secondly, a lesson was learnt from making this dish too..always always remember to get the fishmonger to scale and gut the fish for you!! ;)

We went hand in hand to the supermarket one happy sat morning with loads of idea on what to cook that day. But once we walked past the fishmonger, all the other ideas flew out the window when we saw this nice seabass with sparkly eyes staring at us so we quickly bought it and from then on, we started to think about how we should go about cooking it. We wanted to keep it whole so we first thought of stuffing it with loads of rosemary, garlic and baking it. Plain, simple and good. However, we recalled that we still had a bunch of frozen lemongrass so why not a thai inspired seabass.

Back home we went and when we took it out, we realised that it wasn't yet scaled and gutted! oh no!! we were getting hungry and none of us has ever gutted anything before. Thankfully, the husband took up the challenge while i had to easy task of googling the correct method of gutting a fish. Though it took a bit of time, he did a really good job of gutting it as it looked really clean!! I've now a personal fish gutter at home! haha

Anyway, we quickly stuffed the fish with lots of lemongrass, whacked it in the 200 deg C oven for around  20 mins. In the meantime, the husband whipped up a dressing with chopped up lemongrass, chilli, garlic, fish sauce, sugar and lime juice.

Once the fish was out of the oven, the dressing was poured over it and it was ready to eat. The wait was finally over!! As we were quite hungry by now due to the unexpected fish gutting time, i just managed to take a quick picture before diving in! And it was delicious!!! The flavour of the lemongrass permeated through and made itself known throughout the fish! As we used defrosted lemongrass, it still contained quite a bit of moisture, therefore when the fish was in the oven, it worked it's magic by streaming the lemongrass flavour into the fish. This flavour was then accentuated with the lovely and appetising dressing making it a winner!!


  1. Nice that you can get fresh fish in your area-I envy you. I am sure you enjoyed every bite of this seabass-lemongrass is a great flavor addition. Yum!

  2. The photo looks great actually, interesting way of preparing it. Glad you figured out the process for gutting, its not so difficult once you have tried it once

  3. Look at that beauty... I love whole baked fish and this looks absolutely awesome.
    What a wonderful choice of flavors

  4. Thanks for the comments! The fish was indeed very flavourful!

  5. I certainly like how this fish was marinated (love lemongrass!) and cooked - minus the prepping part (scaling, gutting - no no for me too!)

  6. No need to apologize- this photo is beautiful like the whole dish!

  7. I agree, you are very lucky to have access to fresh fish. And it sure looks like your husband did a wonderful job. The photo says it all; delicious!

    Thanks for sharing, Sylvia...

  8. Eh? First I saw photo and I thought the photo looks great - so I didn't think photo was the problem at all! Looks like this sea bass is a delicious recipe. I need to look for lemon glass!


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