Thursday, 13 October 2011

Elliot's Cafe & St James's Park

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It's not often that we go out for breakfast. Firstly, there are no nice cafes around where we live and by the time we get to London, I'm starved! haha It so happened that we woke up quite early on Sat so we thought why not, let's check out this newish cafe near Borough Market, one that I've been reading about recently. 
We got there at around 9.45am and it was pretty crowded. A good sign, in my opinion and as luck may have it, there were 2 tables still available so yes! we didn't have to wait for a table!! Woohoo!! The menu consists of some standard breakfast items and we decided on the Eggs Benedict, a chocolate bun and of course the all important coffee boost we need in the morning!!
The coffee from Square Mile was a bit too sharp for my taste as I still prefer a more rounded flavour but having said that, i had an americano so I believe it would have taste much better in a flat white.

The chocolate bun was good. However, the star of the show was the Eggs Benedict! Just look at that egg yolk!! Perfection I say!!! Every ingredient brought together by the creamy and tangy hollandaise sauce, tasted absolutely wonderful! 

After breakfast, we had a quick walk through Borough Market before heading to St James's Park for a nice post breakfast walk. :) What a nice way to spend the morning!


  1. Yes that chocolate bun looked great but the eggs benedict definitely stole the show for sure! What a lovely post breakfast stroll!

  2. What a lovely morning walk you had there! And the squirrel! Really cute!

  3. I'm drooling over the eggs. Yummy.

  4. Bright orange yolk - shows the chicken is healthy and happy:)

  5. I could go very far to have such eggs benedict... I also sadly rarely go out for breakfast because it's impossible during the week and on weekends I wake up too late, I quickly start to crave and don't want to dress up to go out.
    Do I see the mean grey squirrel which puts in danger all the British squirrels and is served in certain restaurants? I have never seen a non-red squirrel, so this one looks scary.
    Mr. Three-Cookies, it shows most of all hens were fed carrots and or/corn ;-)

  6. I'm a little addicted to those eggs at Elliot's. And the fact that they're making their own bread downstairs, that, I love.

  7. Definitely the star of this post is the eggs benedict! You took some very beautiful photos of the squirrel and those autumn leaves!

  8. Sounds like a lovely day. And that yolk looks beautiful!


  9. Thanks for the comments everyone! The egg was the definite wiiner! :)
    Sissi: I've never seen squirrel on the menu before and don't want to ever see it one there. ;)


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