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Crispy Snacks - Healthy Fruit and Veg Crisps

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I'm always on a lookout for healthy and hopefully still tasty version of snacks, cakes etc. Since I've started baking at home, I've replaced butter with light olive oil and the end product is still fab!! Snack-wise, i've yet to come to a point where i'll try to make my own crisps other than roasted chickpeas and kale so when Arthur from Crispy Snacks asked if I wanted to try their fruit/vegetable range of crisps that's free from additives, salt and sugar, I immediately said yes and was actually pretty excited about it since I've yet to see this brand in shops.  
According to the Crispy Snacks website, the wide range of fat and salt-free fruit and vegetable crisps are made by the innovative MIRVAC (worldwide innovative method of fruit and vegetable dehydation) technology. Using this method, the nutritional structure of the fruit and vegetables are not changed. They retain almost all of the nutritious values present in the fresh fruit and vegetables because water is evaporated from the product in a form of steam within a short time(2 hours, with temperature not exceeding 40 deg).

Having tried a selection of their products, I find that the above method truly retains the flavour and in fact intensifies the flavours of the fruit and vegetables. Good in most cases with the exception of one which I'll cover later. Crisps are also non-oily since they are not fried or baked so we can eat as much as possible with no worries at all!

Crispy snacks kindly provided me with 2 20g packs of each of the following.
Apple Chips
These crisps made from Idared apples were light and very crispy. I've always liked apple chips so it's not surprising that I loved these.

Apple Chips with cinnamon
Apples and cinnamon have always been a match made in heaven so this is definitely the perfect combo. The addition of cinnamon doesn't overpower the taste of the apples and it's a nice change from the usual plain apple chips.

Beetroot Chips with vinaigrette
These beetroot chips have been sliced thicker and feels somewhat heavier than the apple chips but the vinaigrette is cleverly added to offset the heaviness. Crunchy, sweet yet sour makes for a very appetising snack.

Carrot Chips with paprika
The carrot chips, like the beetroot ones are thicker and gives a very good crunch in the mouth. Lightly spiced with paprika, it brings out the sweetness and intensity of flavours in the humble carrot!

Tomato Chips with basil and oregano
I loved apple, beetroot and carrot chips but the tomato ones really needed some getting used to. It's amazing how they managed to extract all the moisture from the tomato and made it so crispy. However in my opinion, intensifying and concentrating the saltish flavour of the tomato in this way wasn't to my personal liking. I could only have a few pieces and it got a little sickening somehow. I have to stress that it's probably just me which had a problem with the flavour. I love tomatoes and sundried tomatoes and eat them all the time but I just don't really like it when prepared in this way. 

No harm done though since I'm happy Crispy snacks contacted me and I'll definitely be buying more of the healthy apple, beetroot, and carrot chips to keep at home to satisfy my snack related cravings! 

For those in London, Crispy snacks chips can be found at the following places.
  • Partridges of Slone Square on Kings Road
  • Portobello Wholefoods on Portobello Rd
  • House of Mistry – Hampstead
  • Heath Matters London – High Barnet
  • Organic and Wholefood – Healan Centre in Crouch End
In addition to the above, they can also be bought directly from the Crispy Snacks website.


  1. I absolutely want to try the beetroot crisps! Color is amazing and they look delicious too! I've tried different brand apple product and loved it. Sounds like a great healthy snack!

    1. That was great! Hope you'll be able to get it over there soon!

  2. All of these chips look fabulous! Thanks for telling us about them! I'll have to see if I can find them here.

  3. What an array of healthy crisps! The only ones we have here are apple crisps, but thanks to your detailed description I might be tempted to try making some on my own... They all look delicious.

  4. always good to know of healthy crisps! HHa just blogged about making your own beetroot crisps. But am fascinated to hear of these anyway, a nice convenient snack that you can be assured of aren't fried in hydrogenated veg oils!

    1. haha What a coincidence! It'll definitely be better to make them at home!


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