Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sushi Tetsu - Sushi at it's best!

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Opened only 3 weeks ago, Sushi Tetsu has already been receiving rave reviews from bloggers. Some have even returned for another meal  as they couldn't get enough of it's awesome offerings.

I got to know of this amazing but tiny restaurant run by Chef Toru Takahashi, who used to work at Nobu and his wife, through twitter and after reading The Skinny Bib's very exciting review, I knew that I would have to make a reservation soon as everyone who's been there all feel that it's going to be very difficult to make reservations soon. Oh yes! It is that good and I totally agree after having a dinner experience there!
It only sits 7 people at the counter and 2 tables of 2 in the restaurant. I was told that Chef Toru only serves sushi at the counter so the tables are there for people who are waiting to enjoy a beer or two.
There's only sushi and sashimi on the menu so for those who don't eat raw fish, this is not a place for you. Fish sourced by Chef Toru supplier are indeed of the best quality. Fish that are fresh, springy and full of flavour definitely hold the prime spot here. Chef Toru is a master at combining flavours and textures whether it's spring onions, shiso leaves, sancho pepper, cucumber, plum sauce or blowtorching which compliments and accentuates the star of the show! Just look at the concentration on his face during preparation!
As we were here to eat to our heart's content, we each went for the omakase flower set menu which contained the most amount of items... 9 items(chosen by Chef Toru) + a roll. However, towards the end of this taste adventure, we decided to order more as we couldn't get enough and asked Chef Toru  recommend 3 more items so yes, we ate quite a lot but somehow with sushi, one will never get too bloated, a very good thing in my books and just for the record, i'm usually a pretty small eater and i managed to eat everything. :) 
After we placed our order, a bamboo leaf that has already been soaked in water was placed in front of each of us and wiped cleaned. All sushi will then be served on this bamboo leaf. It'll be replaced when it gets too dry. 

The journey then begins. One thing to note is the Chef Toru brushes most of the sushi with soy sauce so though there's additional soy sauce available for you to use on the side. It's usually not necessary. 
Seabream Sushi
Turbot Sushi with plum sauce and spring onions
Salmon Sushi
Ebi/sweet prawn Sushi
Yellow Tail with plum sauce
Tuna Sushi - the colour is amazing!
Mackerel, Sancho pepper amd seaweed algae sushi
Light seared Scallop Sushi
Cucumber, Razor clam skirting and shiso roll
Chef Toru blowtorching the Otoro (Tuna Belly)
The awesome smokey oily seared Otoro (Tuna belly)
Razor clam, lime juice and seasalt sushi
Sea urchin wrapped in cucumber
Tamago(Japanese Omelette) - prawns and fish was used to flavour this and it added a nice sweetness. Started over a stove and ended in the oven.
We thoroughly enjoyed sitting at the counter and watching Chef Toru work with precision and lightness. We'll definitely make another trip back soon!

The bill came up to £65/person. We had green tea but Sushi Tetsu also carries a selection of sake and Japanese beer. 

Sushi Tetsu
Jerusalem Passage
Tel. 020 3217 0090


  1. What a meal! We don't go out much, but when we do it's for sushi! Would love to have Chef Toru here. :) He is definitely a perfection as any good sushi chef should be. Love the look of his sushi and the way he torched the tuna belly. I'm sure you'll be going back again and again!

    1. Sushi is definitely a great option!! and yes! I'll be going back very very soon! :)

  2. Tuna is my favourite fish in sushi, so I would give a lot to be closer to London and taste both the gorgeous red one and the seared fatty tuna too (I don't think I have ever heard about such a method in sushi).

    1. Another restaurant to add to your list when you visit. ;)
      That's the first time I've had tuna belly prepared in this way and it's gorgeous!

  3. Arhhh this is my kind of sushi place and what real sushi should be! I'm tired of going to sushi place that doesn't represent real sushi here in California... some restaurants are so popular yet I can't consider it's real sushi, you know (the owner also has no idea what real sushi is - but again, popular so who cares as long as they have customers?). How was the price here? I assume it's more expensive than normal place, but sushi should be expensive in general, not a daily meal kind of food. I'd love to go here...with you! That would be fun.

    Have you watched Jiro's Sushi? I'll send you a link in case you haven't seen it (Speak Japanese and only Chinese subtitle though).

  4. This will be the first place I'll take you to when you visit! :)
    it costs us £65 per person but it's well worth it given the quality of the fish.
    I haven't even heard of Jiro's Sushi before so thanks for the link Namie!!

  5. Everything looks amazing. Sadly, I doubt I will be stepping in there anytime soon; as a student, this is way out of my budget!

    1. I heard that the lunch menu is pretty reasonable and the chirashi is around £9. not too bad i think?


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