Monday, 29 August 2011

Beautiful Tulips in all their glory!

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Many would agree that the best place to see tulips would be in Keukenhof, Holland. Tulips seekers willl descend upon Keukenhof between the months of March and May to see these beauties at their best!! Have heard that the best way to enjoy the scenery would be to rent a bicycle and just cycle the day away so be sure to learn how to cycle before you make a trip there. :)

Since I haven't had the chance to visit Keukehof yet, the next best place, in my opinion, to see these pretty flowers would be in Hampton Court Gardens in Surrey, UK. There's quite a variety to revel in and on a good day, the gardens make for a nice day out!!!


  1. Breathtaking! Tulips are some of my favorite flowers! Great pictures!

  2. They make really good photography subjects! :)

  3. pretty pretty! the pretty flowers and the pretty blue sky.. its a mood lifter for sure! i havent seen some of these kinds in the northwest US in the tulip festivals. the double color ones are so beautiful!
    Richa @ Hobby And More Food Blog

  4. Beeeeeeeeeeeautiful tulips! That's one of my favorite flowers!! Totally brightened me. =)


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