Monday, 22 August 2011

Thai food in a London pub? The Churchill Arms.

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I recently wrote about Sedap Restaurant in Old Street which used to be called Nyonya in Notting Hill.  Am sure the residents living nearby would have been quite sad to lose a nice little restaurant like this but no worries! There's actually another gem of a place in Notting Hill too!! One that was introduced to me by my ex boyfriend (now husband). :) This time, it's a thai restaurant that is unusually housed in a Pub, one that's called Churchill Arms. Yes! in a pub, and a very colourful one in fact! The exterior is so beautifully covered with loads of colourful flowers so no one would ever just walk past this place without noticing it. One would actually think that it's a flower shop instead of a pub!

Once you step inside, there's no surprises here as it looks like pub. 

However, as you walk through to the back dining area, you'll feel like you've walked into a greenhouse with all the foliage and framed butterflies everywhere.

Waiting staff are all Thai so that's always a good thing in my opinion. The tables gets filled up pretty fast and in fact, we were told that we had our table for only an hour so they made it seem like we had to rush through our meal. Not too nice a thought. However, food is also served in the main pub area so there's still opportunity to get a seat unless it's absolutely jammed packed.

We started with the piping hot, deliciously crunchy spring rolls followed by a Pad Thai(Stir-fried rice noodles) and Chicken Pad Nam Prik Pao (Chicken fried in a spicy chilly paste).

Spring Rolls

Pad Thai

Pad Nam Prik Pao
The Pad Nam Prik Pao was very nicely spiced with chilli, garlic, shallots, shrimp paste. Though quite fiery, we could still taste the sweetness of the palm sugar in the background with made it a good dish. Prices here are quite reasonable with a main dish prices at around £7.50.

We are thinking of checking out the Notting Hill carnival this weekend so we might just pop by again! 

Churchill Arms
119 Kensington Church St
KensingtonW8 7LN


  1. Sure are a lot of flowers decorating a pub! And one that serves Thai food?! Dont think NY has a place like that!

  2. The building from the outside looks interesting, so does the inside, and they serve thai food in a pub.

  3. Peachie, love the shots esp the 1st one! Think this is my 2nd visit to your blog & I'm loving it. Looking fwd to more sharing!

  4. You`re right, I thought it was a flower shop! Very interesting! How does it look during winter?

  5. That Pad Thai looks amazing! Wouldn't think of a Pub for Thai food either, but hey - looks like it was a winner!

  6. What an awesome pub! I love the way is is buoyantly decorated.

    Thai food is amazing and those dishes look good!



  7. I always think juxtapositions like this are so amusing, but if the food is good then all the better!

  8. Jess: you never know! there's might be somewhere like this hiding in NY. :)

    Three cookies, Joanne: Yup, it sure it an interesting place to have a meal!

    Blackswan: Glad you like my blog! Yours is great too!!

    Arudhi: Hmm, I will have to pay it a visit in winter to find out! haha

    Erin, Rosa: Oh yes! It was great!

  9. OMG, the place looks amazingly beautiful! Just how can I leave without entering the place. I bet I will regret for the rest of my life. You're so lucky!

  10. This pub is so cute and homey! I feel like I can stay there for a long time. And the food looks amazing - wish we have a pub that serves Asian food!
    Have fun at Notting Hill carnival!

  11. WOW! I neeed to go to this pub! Next time i go to london i will hunt out this place for sure, it sounds like such a wonderful experience :)


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