Monday, 8 August 2011

Malaysia Hall Canteen in London

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All the dishes for Nasi Campur (Rice with accompaniments)

For Malaysians based in London, there's one place you can go to where you'll immediately feel like you've been transported back home! Even for me, a Singaporean, I actually think that I've left London when I step in here! It's one of the cheapest places to eat in London where they serve pretty authentic home cooked styled malaysian food costing around £4.50 for main courses like Mee Rubus (Yellow noodles in a spicy gravy) or Nasi Campur(Rice with 3 accompaniments)  and  £1 for glass of teh terik(Pulled sweet tea).

Nasi Campur
Mee Rubus

The Malaysian High Commission initially opened this canteen to cater for homesick Malaysian students staying in the hostel above but now they've opened up the canteen to all Malaysians and their friends. There's even a sign on the door that says Non Malaysians should be accompanied by Malaysians but I think the staff are pretty relaxed about this rule as I haven't seen anyone being turned away before. 

During the month of Ramadan (Islamic month of fasting), they usually have a nice selection of kueh (desserts) available as well.

This is definitely a place for Malaysian to visit, whether it's for the food or to meet up with other Malaysians. Non Malaysian should also give this canteen a visit for it's cheap and yummy food!!!

Malaysia Hall Canteen
30-34 Queensborough Terrace

W2 3ST


  1. The prices are comparable too, in a way. A Mee Rubus would cost about RM4.5 and a teh tarik would cost about RM1 in Malaysia. Same number, different currency!

  2. haha..nothing in London can beat the prices in Malaysia! :)

  3. I love this place! I have been there a few times and I am so in love with the nasi goreng kampung!
    I never noticed the sign on the door! That is a bit racist, no?

    1. Yeah. I'm Malaysian and I feel it so. Should at least allow Singaporeans and Indonesians to enter if they wanna eat. After all they are our neighbours.

  4. lina: it's good pricing for London. ;)

    my cooking hut: I haven't had that before so that's what I'm gonna order the next time I'm there. At least they don't actually turn people away ya?

  5. You didn't mentioned about how the food tasted? :P
    I hope they are tasted authentic!

  6. So Malaysian Hall has moved... :D
    I used to lived in Bayswater too, oooh... dinosaur years ago

  7. Vanilla: it was pretty authentic but of course, it still tastes much better back home! L)

    Lisa: Did it use to be in the marble arch area?

  8. yes.. it was located at 44 Bryanston Sq, nearest tube stn is Marble Arch... operational until late 1980's, early 90's.
    Stay safe... with all the 'happening' in London.

  9. How I wish we have such a canteen in the neighbourhood too

  10. Wow looks good & authentic, just like in Malaysia. It would be my stop next time I'm in London. My boyfriend always say Teh Tarik should be named the national drink :)


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