Thursday, 4 August 2011


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View from the Queen's House

This past weekend, we made our way to Greenwich to take some family shots for our friends. I should clarify, when I say we, I actually mean the husband as he's a much better photographer than me and I still have lots to learn from him. So that means more photography outings during the weekends which I'm not complaining about! :) Maybe, I'll ask him to so a guest post one of these days.

Anyway, back to Greenwich. We had a lovely time with our friends and their 2 cutie kids but as we didn't plan to walk around the area to take some shots, here are a couple that were taken some time ago.

Greenwich Foot Tunnel
The Greenwich Foot tunnel runs under the River Thames between Cutty Sark and Island Gardens and is1217 feet long. It's just an ordinary tunnel but I like the shadows that encompasses the entire length of the tunnel giving it a somewhat spooky feel. 

Queen's House

Tulip Stairs in the Queen's House
ok, moving on to something that's not so dark....The Queen's house used to be a royal residence but it now forms part of the National Maritime Museum and will be used as a VIP centre during the 2012 London Olympics. In my opinion, the best part of the Queen's House is the Tulip Stairs, the first centrally unsupported spiral staircase built in England. On a nice day, the sunlight from above lights up the stairwell, magnifying the brilliance of a sight that was already very pretty.

View of the Queen's House with Canary Wharf in the background
In quite a few areas in London, it's possible to have a view of the contrast in classical and modern architectures and the above is one of them. There's still so much more to see in the Greenwich area so I'm sure we'll be making another trip there again soon.


  1. That Greenwich Foot Tunnel looks rather interesting. Nice photos

  2. Did you take these pictures or your husband? Well they look beautiful! I love the pictures of stairs...something about it draw my attention!! Very pretty. I've never been to UK and it was fascinating to see Greenwich. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Three-Cookies: Thanks for the compliments. :)

    Nami: I took these photos so thanks a lot! My fave is the tulip stairs as well. I have more pics of London and around so I'll dig them out and put them on the blog soon.

  4. Love the picture of the stairs, well done!

  5. I love your photos! The first one is awesome with that dramatic sky. The tunnel photo has an eerie vibe to it, a nice theme for the Hungry Ghost LOL
    and the stairs... lovely spirals. :)

  6. Thanks for the compliments lina. It was a nice photography day as the clouds made a big difference in the pictures


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